Trade Secret IP Protection & Litigation Boston 2024

Determine the Global Trade Secret IP Legal Landscape, Develop Successful Trade Secret Risk Mitigation Framework and Devise Successful Litigation Strategy

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Hilton Boston Back Bay
17-18 September, 2024

Why Trade Secret IP Should Be Part Of Your Toolbox

  1. Unlike patents, trade secret does not require a formal filing process, creating cost efficiency.

  2. As long as your trade secrets meet the criteria of secrecy, trade secrets provide a longer period of protection compared to patents and copyrights, generating longer protection period.

  3. Trade secrets allow businesses to protect innovations that might not qualify for other IP forms proving a greater degree of flexibility and privacy.

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Our Trade Secret Co-Chairs

Government & Judicial Representatives Include

Industry Representatives Include:

New To This Year

  1. United States district judge of the United States for the Western District of Pennsylvania, U.S. Department of Commerce and USDOJ provides overview on Role of USPTO, Impact of AI on Trade secrets and court proceedings 

  2. General Counsels and Chief IP Counsels turning their war stories into practical strategies to assist better decision making in 5 Tips and Tricks I Wish I Knew About Trade Secret Misappropriation
  3. Which side of the debate are you on? Join our interactive Polling session: To Track or Not to Track Your Trade Secret – Which Side of the Debate Are You On? 
  4. International Jurisdiction Spotlight Sessions on EU Directive 2016/943 and China



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